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T R I O   B O N N E N S I S    

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sarah kim cello

Trio Bonnenis was founded by friends Niklas Liepe, Sarah Kim and Fabian Müller in 2014, with the hope of finding a new and fresh approach to the already much beloved piano trio, whilst being able to create honest and inspiring music together.

The name 'Bonnensis' was taken from Beethoven, who signed off his letters during his time in Vienna with "Beethoven Bonnensis", serving as a proud reminder to his recipients of his origins. Not only is Beethoven of great inspiration to the trio, but they also share his hometown, Bonn, where the great composer was born and lived and where Trio Bonnensis are based, had their first concert and "a great and promising future was foreseen" (General Anzeiger Bonn)

Since coming together Trio Bonnensis are very grateful to have been fortunate enough to work with many esteemed musicians such as Ferenc Rados and Gerhard Schulz, and particularly their main mentors Conradin Brotbeck and Anthony Spiri, who are of great inspiration to the trio.

Niklas, Sarah and Fabian have performed concerts throughout the world, and have won a large array of prizes and awards including prizes from national and international competitions won throughout Australia and Europe. 2015 saw the trio perform throughout Europe and Australia, having been selected as one of eight trios to partake in the prestigious Melbourne Interational Chamber Music Competition, as well as performances at several internationally renown festivals such as at the Beethoven Festival in Bonn and the Berlin Chamber Music Festival at the Piano Salon Christophori. The Trio is already looking forward to many engagements in 2016 and 2017, including at the Bahnhof Rolandseck and Markus Becker's festival 'Piano Plus' at the Holshausenschlösschen.


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To find out more about violinist Niklas and pianist Fabian, you can visit their webpages:

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